Ham Radio News Items

60 Meter Proposal –

The ARRL has asked the FCC to create a new, continuous 60-meter band allocation at 5351.5 to 5366.5 KHz. Under the proposal, current 60m channels outside this range would remain, as would a power limit of 100 watts peak ERP.

Parity Act Revived. With the new Congress convened, the Amateur Radio Parity Act has been re-introduced as bill H.R.555. It passed the U.S. House by unanimous consent on January 23, and moves to the U.S. Senate, where it stalled at the end of last year.

Dayton Update. More details are emerging about the upcoming Dayton Hamvention in Xenia, OH. On-site parking will be available on well-drained grass fields just outside the gate. Hamvention has hired professional engineers to ensure that traffic and the flea market setup go smoothly. Inside exhibits will be scattered across four buildings, with forums being held in two additional buildings. It looks like all food service will be outdoors. The Greene County Fairgrounds are about 30 minutes northeast of downtown Dayton, so most Hamvention attendees will take slightly longer to reach the venue from their hotels.

CW Class –

The Garden City ARC is offering a free Morse Code training class with a goal of 5 WPM proficiency in receiving and sending. The class meets Thursdays at 7 PM for one hour. Although the class started on February 2, the instructor, Fred Rowell AC8LV, is willing to accept latecomers through next week. To sign up, please contact Fred at fritz8028@wowway.com.

Dayton Buses –

Once again USECA and the ARROW club are chartering buses for one-day trips to the Dayton Hamvention on Saturday, May 20. The USECA bus costs $55 and leaves at 4 AM from the Wal-Mart parking lot at Van Dyke and 14 Mile Rds. in Sterling Heights. The bus departs the Hamvention site at 5 PM, arriving here around 9 PM. Get a registration form from a USECA board member or con- tact Ken N8KC at n8kc@arrl.net.

The ARROW club bus leaves at 4 AM from Pioneer High School in Ann Arbor. Cost is $55 before April 1, $65 after. The trip includes a continental breakfast and table space in the flea market if desired. For details see https://www.w8pgw.org/. Note that both buses sell out quickly.