Repeaters and Nets

GMARC operates two repeaters from the top of the General Motors Corporate Headquarters in the Renaissance Center in downtown Detroit.

VHF: 145.210 MHz-  123Hz pl    [VHF Coverage Map]
UHF: 443.075 MHz+ 123Hz pl   [UHF Coverage Map]


12-01-2016 Work has been completed on the 440 repeater. It has been upgraded, tuned, tweaked and is now operating better than ever. Some additional work on the 2 meter Cans should be completed in the next few weeks.
 12-11-2016 Tuning has been completed on the 2 meter Cans. The 2m repeater is also up and running better than ever.


Internet connection to our repeater provided by 123Net


The larger 2 element antenna is for the 2 meter repeater and was readjusted for a better coverage pattern.

The old 2 bay antenna was replaced with the new 4 bay UHF antenna shown on the right. The new antenna improved the gain of the 440 repeater from 5.5dbd to 9.5dbd for both receive and transmit.

Ron (WD8MNX) is shown waterproofing the connections.





Ron (WD8MNX) tuning the 2 meter cans.