GMARC EchoLink Usage Policy

GMARC EchoLink® Usage

Internet linking via EchoLink® is a very powerful tool which can be abused if not used properly.  It is much like using a phone patch.

EchoLink® is available 6:00 AM to 12:00 Midnight ET (Local Time). Repeater users who initiate Internet Linking are expected to follow these rules:

  • Listen for an ongoing conversation before accessing links
  • Identify before accessing links. You may announce your station one time upon connecting to Node 99846.
  • Make sure you are full quieting.
  • Pause 1 second after pressing the PTT before speaking
  • Pause 3 seconds between all transmissions
  • Do not engage EchoLink® when a local conversation is active, unless all are participants.
  • Always drop the link when done by entering “##” – make sure you hear the disconnect announcement!
  • Please know to whom you are connecting – Only attempt to connect to registered node numbers.
  • Limit EchoLink® Internet use to 3 link connection attempts per day per user.

Users connecting to our repeater from other nodes are also expected to follow these rules:

Thank you for being an informed and courteous user.

For more information and an introduction to EchoLink, click here:

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Approved: 16-Jan-2006 by GMARC Membership